Invocation: Brian Stutzman
Pledge & 4 Way: John Deuschle
Song: Samantha Forester; On the Banks of the Wabash
50/50 Winner:Jami Stamm; but not a winner
Our Guests Today: 
  • Stan Cohen (Elkhart)
  • Scott Puckett (Elkhart)
  • Barb (Mike Jansen's Mother)
  • Rotary Auction is April 20, 2016, Gerald needs people to help with making sure winners get their items and the collection of the money. Lunch will be served at 11:30am. 
  • May 7th is road clean up starting at 8am. Meet at the Concord Administration building. 
Program Today:
Mike Jansen had the program today. He brought is two children Elle and Julian with him to talk about the ducks and chickens that they have and how the take them to the 4-H Fair. Elle informed us that they had just received 12 new chicks. So they have a total of 30 now and 7 ducks. They also told us that the duck eggs are every edible and that when put in cake mixes and other recipes that it helps keep whatever was made  moist. Unlike chickens ducks hide their eggs and they lay the eggs where ever. Elle and Julian mentioned that they will sometimes find duck eggs in the kiddie pool that they have for them. Hens can lay eggs from 1-3 years. When asked how many eggs the chickens lay, Elle said they lay an egg a day and that sometimes it fluctuates due to the season.
When asked what they feed the chickens and ducks, Mike mentioned that they feed them a non GMO feed and that they do get some table scraps. He also mentioned that they do not vaccinate the animals. 
Elle said that they have what is called Easter Eggers and those are chickens that lay pretty blue colored eggs along with other varieties. It was also mentioned that you can tell what color of egg a chicken is going to lay by looking at the inside of their ears. Pekin Ducks are the ducks that they sell at the fair. 
Future Meetings
Date    Program Chair  
4/6    Nancy Keller
4/13  Dick Kemper
4/20  Dave Leatherman
4/27  Julia Leatherman
5/4    Club Assembly
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