Todays Meeting: September 28, 2016
Invocation: Dave Leatherman
Pledge & 4 Way: Gerald Straw
Song: Dave Nicoson; On The Banks Of The Wabash
50/50 Winner: John Thain; N/A
Our Guests Today: 
  • Todd Yoder (Elkhart Noon)
  • Floor Wassenaar (Exchange student)
  • Scott Puckett (Elkhart Noon)
  • Any visiting rotarians and guest are all to pay $10 dollars now.
  • September 30th is the District Foundation Dinner at the Learner in downtown Elkhart. Socializing starts at 6pm. Dinner and presentation starts at 7pm.
  • Kris Reiff mentioned she has the tickets for our fundraiser we do. The tickets are for the super bowl which will be held in Texas this year. 
  • October 20th will be the shop with kids at Meijer starting at 6pm. A dinner will be held afterwards at ANCON. Sign up sheet was passed around.
  • Jeanie mentioned our outbound student Zeeland is doing well in Poland and that the food is very interesting.
Program Today:
Sheriff Brad Rogers was our guest speaker today. He stated how he is a guardian of the constitution and that it is easy to say that but harder to carry out at times. He briefly quizzed us on the constitution. There are 27 amendments. In order to change the constitution you have to do two things, either hold a convention of states or an amendment. Article six is where presidents and on down to sheriff's have to take an oath. The sheriff also mentioned that congress is suppose to be the most powerful not the president. He also stated that local level is where it is at to get good people when it comes time for offices. He began then taking questions about anything that any one may of had. When asked what he may do after his term is up in two years he stated that he could retire or he could go back to the last held rank that he had before becoming sheriff which was the jail commander. Someone also asked if the jail was heated by the landfill and the sheriff stated that yes indeed it is. It helps save a quarter of a million dollars each year by getting the heat from the landfill. When asked about the housing of inmates, he stated that they have 650 local inmates today. At one point in time department of corrections paid for about 200-250 of their inmates to be housed at the Elkhart County Jail. Now there is a law saying that level 6 felons now can stay in the local jail. We currently have 150 Marion county inmates. Our sheriff and Marion County's sheriff made a deal and for housing them our jail makes a revenue of 2.1 million a year. Someone asked a question on drugs in Elkhart County. The sheriff mentioned that meth is still bad but heroin and opiates are worse. They have this thing now that they can spray up in peoples noses if they are not breathing or don't have a pulse and it will revive them in a way.
Future Meetings
Date    Program Chair  
10/5    Anthony Hurley
10/12  Mike Jansen
10/19  Dick Kellenberg
10/26  Club Assembly
11/2    Nancy Keller
11/9    Richard Kemper
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