Invocation: Jamie Stamm
Pledge & 4 Way: Nancy Keller
Song: John Place; Its a small world 
50/50 Winner:
Our Guests Today: 
  • Scott Puckett (Elkhart)
  • Richard Kellenburg (Elkhart)
  • Carlos Estevaz (Elkhart)
  • Mary Lou Estevaz (Carlos's wife)
  • Stan Cohen (Elkhart)
  • Upcoming Boys and Girls Club Breakfast, 7:30-8:30am, April 28th. Jamie will host a table if anyone is interested in going.
  • Guys on Ice tickets will be available next week. The show is on March 17th at 7:30pm at the Bristol Opera House.
Program Today:
Dick Kemper spoke to us today about the different kinds of animals that you would see in Antarctica and the surrounding areas. Some of those animals are, penguins, seals, creal, whales and birds.He mentioned that some penguins are aggressive or calm. All penguins waddle except for the rock hopper penguin. The adelie penguins make nests out of rocks and space their nests out just enough so that they aren't in pecking distance of another penguin and their nest. 
Emperor penguins are the tallest penguin. They are 4ft tall in height, the can dive down to 1,850 feet to get food. The male emperor penguins protect the egg and doesn't eat for to months and keeps the egg warm while the female is out feeding.
Seals never have ears. That's how you can tell them apart from sea lions because sea lions do have ears. The southern elephant seal is the largest seal and they can stay under water for 2 hours and can go 3,000 feet for food. 
Dick also mentioned that an orca whale (killer whale) is not really a whale it is actually just a large dolphin. He also stated that there are only two kinds of whales that you will see and that is the humpback and the orca whale.
Future Meetings
Date    Program Chair  
2/24   Angie Fisher
3/2    Samantha Forester
3/9    Andy Frech
3/16  Andrew Hicks
3/23  Andrew Hurley
3/30  Mike Jansen
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