Invocation: Dave Leatherman
Pledge & 4 Way: Brian Clark
Song: Brian Stutzman; Grand Ole Flag
50/50 Winner: Gerald Straw; but not a winner
Our Guests Today: 
  • Stan Cohen (Elkhart)
  • Scott Puckett (Elkhart)
  • Bristol Opera House was a success.
  • Rotary Auction is April 20, 2016
  • At the next meeting Dick Kellenburg will be inducted
  • District Conference is April 8th and 9th in Merriville.
Program Today:
Anthony Hurley introduced our guest today. Stan Glaners who works for Mater Automotive in downtown Elkhart came to talk to us today about the history of the American flag. The 1st flag was made by Francis Hopkins, not Betsy Ross. Ross was known for making other flags but she never made the American flag. William Camby the grandson of Besty Ross was the one who stated that his grandmother made the 1st flag. 
The Star Spangled Banner is the only flag to have 15 stars and 15 stripes. The song was written by Francis Scott Key when he was imprisoned on a British ship and witnessed the battle at Fort McHenry. 
Old Glory has 26 stars. The term 'old glory' came from Steven Driver a ship master. His grave is the only grave where the flag flies 24hrs a day.
Our flag is seen as a symbol for strength and freedom. It's the oldest national standard. The other national standard that we have is the bald eagle. 
If the flag is ever dirty or touches the ground you are to wash it, NOT burn it. 
The colors of our flag have no official meaning. 
Future Meetings
Date    Program Chair  
3/30  Mike Jansen
4/6    Nancy Keller
4/13  Dick Kemper
4/20  Dave Leatherman
4/27  Julia Leatherman
5/4    Club Assembly
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