Todays Meeting: August 24, 2016
Invocation: Lynda Van Scoik
Pledge & 4 Way: Lisa Maxwell
Song: Dave Nicoson; Its a Small World
50/50 Winner: Kris Reiff; but not a winner
Our Guests Today: 
  • Scott Puckett (Elkhart Noon)
  • Floor Wassenaar (Exchange student)
  • Carlos Estevez (Elkhart Noon)
  • Stan Cohen (Elkhart Noon)
  • Tash Davis (Guest of Ross Swihart)
  • Taste of the Gardens is August 27th from 11:00am-6:00pm. Volunteers still needed. Free entry and t-shirt. If interested see Scott Puckett.
  • Any visiting rotarians and guest are all to pay $10 dollars now.
  • September 30th is the District Foundation Dinner at the Learner in downtown Elkhart.
  • Kris Reiff mentioned she has the tickets for our fundraiser we do. The tickets are for the super bowl which will be held in Texas this year.  
Program Today:
Today's program was given to us by Scott Puckett. Scott went to Seoul, South Korea for the Rotary International Convention. He mentioned that there are 26 million people who live in Seoul. From his hotel room he could see their national assembly which would be like their parliament and that they had a huge park with basketball courts and walking paths similar to Central Park in New York. During day 1 of his trip, he took a guided tour through a village where they had built authentic Korean homes. The funny thing was the Scott mentioned was that he was the only one on this guided tour besides the tour guides and the bus driver. During his trip he met many rotarians throughout the world. Scott also gave a piece of advice and said if anyone plans on going next year to the Rotary Convention to make sure and take lots of rotary business cards with your name on it, plenty of rotary flags of your home club, and rotary pins because when meeting new rotarians you either exchange flags, pins, or cards. Scott did say that he met some rotarians from India,Nepal, Turkey, and Uganda to just name a few. At the beginning of the convention, they do a parade of flags and he said that there were 186 countries that were represented. On one of his outings he learned that South Korea is highly influenced by China and that they do not like Japan very much. He also saw a memorial piece for the United States while there as well. 
Future Meetings
Date    Program Chair  
8/31    Gary Decker
9/7      John Deuschle
9/14    Paul Eash 
9/21    Andrew Hicks
9/28    Samantha Forester
10/5    Anthony Hurley
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